Comedia is the first independent One-Stop-Boutique dedicated to identify, protect, claim and collect the secondary rights royalties due to the rights holders of films and television programs.

    Secondary Rights are for example: cable retransmission royalties, private copy on blank cassettes levies, video rental levies, equitable remuneration available to performers, screenwriters, directors, producers…

    Reliable sources conservatively estimate that from the sums already collected by European statutory organizations only, over EUR 200 million remain undistributed.

Some of these royalties may be due to you…

    However, failure to claim your dues in whichever form each collection society might require or reaching the statutes of limitation specific to each territory, will have the very likely outcome that your unclaimed royalties will be lost.

Comedia's mission is to maximize all royalties revenues and to cut costs and delays of their collection.

    Since 1991, Comedia

    • has acquired a unique know how in the management of intellectual property rights;
    • is active in Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa;
    • is vested with the rights from over 50 partners to manage

      Works: 45 000 with titles recorded in 3 to 4 languages
      Titles: 160 000 in over 20 languages
      Versions: 120 000
      Rights: 18 500 000

CopyRight® The Intellectual Property Intelligence System®, is Comedia's cutting edge database system. It allows for the instant search and retrieval of any information as well as statement processing.

This system automatically identifies the daily broadcast for over 180 "valuable" channels, - channel, date and time, the language of the broadcast title being irrelevant. That is broadcasts in the millions.

    Comedia is not a non-profit organization

Comedia is Bound by Results
Hence its Pro-Active and Value Driven Attitude