Protect your assets - Increase your revenues

we will

you will

We Will Trace For You

    and this to the greatest extend possible, all broadcasts of your works (films, made for TV films, specials, series, miniseries…) for which you own these rights, and for which substantial amounts of royalties may still be due to you. In some cases these may date back to 1996.

We Will Complete For You

    directly with each possible collection society, all the various required procedures, avoiding unnecessary channels and costly time delays. This will save you (where still possible) a marked loss in the royalties resulting from overshooting the deadlines.

We Will Claim For You

    all possible royalties and collect the amounts that may have been due to you for some years.

We Will Unlock The Real Value Of These Royalties Due To You

    As wherever possible, we claim directly at the source, you will not be charged with compounded fees generated by the financial flow through the cascade of multiple collection societies.

You will Save Time and Money

    You will save the time and the cost on finding, hiring and training the knowledgeable people. Furthermore, you will be relieved of the research, claims and complex conflict procedures.

You will Collect

    in the shortest possible time, the royalties resulting from the negotiations underway in various countries, following the progressive adaptation of the legislation in those countries. No time will therefore be wasted on costly international legal and documentary research, and there will be no additional administrative charge.

You will Be Able To Control the Compliance of Your Television Contracts

    as you will receive, free of charge and sorted out in the manageable form that suits you best, the lists of your television broadcasts by those channels leading to your secondary rights royalties. In this way you will maximize revenue by knowing when a title is free again, all broadcasts of an existing contract having been taken.